Within only a few years of building the new green, the Parks Department decided to expand it’s golfing facilities south, which meant the end of the first green. The Club was promised a space for two new greens to the west of the Golf Clubhouse that overlooked the City of Seattle. During 1948 and 1949 the Parks Department built the two greens we now have. The Club noted its debt of gratitude to the Parks Board by erecting the Beryl Wells (Parks Board and Club member) memorial fountain next to the only structure for the Club, the equipment shed.

Jefferson Park Bowling Club circa 1944 The Club now had two excellent bowling greens with beautiful views of the city and the mountains but no formal clubhouse. During rainstorms, everyone would dash for their cars, and the lack of restrooms caused bowlers discomfort. On November 29th 1958 the Club learned that the little cottage located at the northwest corner of the greens was to be demolished. Club President Alex Niven persuaded the Parks Board that rather than demolition, the cottage could be converted into a clubhouse which would meet the Club’s most urgent need. The Park Board offered the Club the cottage provided the Club assumed responsibility for its repair and maintenance at no cost to the City. Through the efforts of the Club members, both physical and financial, the clubhouse became a reality.