Anne Walsh

Anne Walsh is the winner of the 2008 Bowl Busters Kick Ass Season. Anne was brand new to bowling this spring, so in keeping with tradition, a novice bowler won the 1st Place prize for the third year in a row. Her word of advice for anyone wanting to improve their standings: show up. I would add, bowl often, as Anne has done this summer. Anne took home 40 bucks, a Girls Kick Ass magnet, plus a Drake's Pride pin and towel.

Anne WalshAnne sips champagne from the Bowlie Grail and mingles with her minions.

Elizabeth Snyder finished in 2nd Place taking home 20 bucks, plus a Drake's Pride pin and towel. eLiz gave Anne her only loss of the season last night, but unfortunately for Elizabeth, it wasn't enough to claim the Bowlie Grail.

3rd place was hotly contested by four possible contenders. To level the playing field, Janice, Amy, Betsy and Nita each skipped a team and in a blind draw played each other. Janice Bell came out on top of those tightly played games, giving her the 3rd Place spot and winning 10 bucks and the Drake's Pride pin and towel combo set.


Bowl Busters Group

Bowl Busters knock themselves out

BacontiniIt was a grand finale! There was a whole lotta shakin' going on on the greens and a whole lotta bacon going on on the table. Thanks for bringing some kick ass food and music to celebrate another year of Busterhood. Some inspired whites adorned the greens, and didn't we look fabulous!? If you weren't there, you missed a graduation gown, nightie and robe, plastic bag fringe, tennis skirt, and textured mini with fishnet stockings.

Bacontini anyone?