Nita Chambers

1st Place – Nita Chambers
2nd Place – Eliz Snyder
3rd Place – Anne Walsh

Eliz Snyder, Nita Chambers, Kat Marriner and Anne Walsh drink to Nita from the Bowlie Grail.

The top 4 ranked players (Nita, ELiz, Anne and Kat) played each other in a blind draw, and they were each paired in a blind draw pool of the next top 4 players (Betsy, Alex, Rikki and Phyllis). Nita Champers came from behind to beat Kat 13 to 12 and giving Nita a grand total of 17 points for the season. Nita has now supped from the bowlie grail twice as the 2006 and 2009 Bowl Buster champion. Nita is now the proud owner of the coveted "hammer towel". Congratulations Nita!

Lounging in the spotlight on a hot summer night.

Rikki and Betsy and Nita and Llysa sharing some love as the season ends.

Please deliver Pam from this heat.