1st Place : Rikki Ricard

2nd Place : Janice Bell

3rd Place : Becky Barnett

2010 Winners

Another season of Bowl Busters wrapped up and new champions rose to the top. Congratulations to Rikki, Janice and Becky! The race to the top pitted the top 4 contenders, paired with the next 4 top spots, in blind draws for two games.

Bowlie Grail

Thanks to the creative woodworking of Buster Betsy Whitaker, the Bowlie Grail is now a glorious trophy fitting the Busterhood. Its bold, fresh design captures the new spirit of lawn bowling and the unique women who come together just to play this game outdoors.

For many of us, winning the game is second to coming out to play and spend a little time in good company. This years Spirit Award goes to Terri Turner who showed not only spirit, but some bare skin dressed in a bath towel on Whites Night. Terri has not been able to bowl this year, but still comes most weeks to take part in the busterhood social hour.

Terri in terrycloth