Bowls USA Championships Northwest Division
Sat, July 26th to Wed July 30th  9.30 am Daily
Mens and Womens Pairs Play Downs

The 2014 US Championships will be held at Sun City Center Florida from Tuesday, Nov 4th to Saturday Nov 8th.  To enter the Play Downs every player must meet the following requirements.
a) Be a citizen of the United States.
b) Be a Bowls USA member prior to the Play Downs.
c) Be financially in good standing for all bowls related obligations.
d) Able to verify, if a member of more than one division, that they have not entered the Play Downs of any other division.
e) Be willing to certify that they will compete at the Championships as that division’s representative or as runners- up in case of default by the winners.
f) Be aware that any Play Downs winners who do not fulfill the above requirements may face possible sanctions from their division.
g) Proof that any of the above requirements have not been met in full can be considered as cause for disqualification.

There will be a sign up sheet on the Jefferson Park club notice board.

Entries may also be sent to: Howard Syder at email

The entry fee is $20 per person.