The Winner's Circle is the list of winners for various leagues, Jefferson Park tournaments,  Northwest Division tournaments and BowlsUSA Play Downs tournaments.

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(This is a work-in-progress. Check back for results throughout the season.)

Jefferson Park Tournaments

JP Team Tournament

1st Place Team:

Super Chickens

2nd Place Team:

Crow Fodder

Social Security Classic (62+)

1st – Doug Bradley
2nd – Tom Lind
3rd – Bob Young

JP Mixed Pairs

1st – Richard Broad / Nita Chambers
2nd – Rikki Ricard / Adrian Jarreau
3rd – Alex Vandenbos / Paul Artman

JP Open Pairs


1st – Richard Broad / Lawrence Holman
2nd – Chris Davis / John Hollingsworth


1st – Rikki Ricard / Nancy Nishikawa
2nd – Alexis Vanden Bos / Lisa Duffala

JP Open Singles – Mixed

1st – Russ Leonard
2nd – Alexis Vanden Bos
3rd –  Richard Broad

JP Veteran/Novice Tournament

1st –
2nd –
3rd –


Northwest Division Tournaments

NW Short Jack Pairs

1st – Larry Edgar (PDX) / Paul Artman (JP)
2nd – Chris Krogh (KC) / Butch Nelson (KC)
3rd – Candee Wilson (KC) / Russ Leonard (JP)

NW Pairs Play Downs


1st – Jeff Covell (JP) / Todd Wagers (JP)
2nd – Doug Bradley (JP) / Richard Krueger (JP)


1st – Debbie Tupper (PDX) / Pam Edwards (PDX)
2nd – Anne Walsh (JP) / Lisa Duffala (JP)

NW Singles Play Downs


1st – Andy Klubberud
2nd – Richard Broad


1st – Alexis Vanden Bos
2nd – Nancy Nishikawa

NW Open Rinks

1st Place Team:


2nd Place Team:


NW Triples Tournament

1st Place Team:


2nd Place Team:


NW Novice Singles (mixed)

1st –
2nd –


Men With Big Bowls

1st – Chris Davis
2nd – Michael Werth

Bowl Busters

1st – Lisa Duffala
2nd – Nita Chambers

Odd Couples

Division A

1st – Richard Broad / Betsy Whittaker
2nd – Rand Coburn / Alexis Vanden Bos

Division B

1st – Russ Leonard / Stacie Brownstein
2nd – John Koch / Joanne Forrest

Late Summer League

1st –
2nd –

Masters League

1st –
2nd –

Diehard League

1st –
2nd –