Activities are open to all club members, and they are a great way to  for members to play a casual games, learn new kinds of games, hone their skills, and enjoy social events. Non-members are invited to try lawn bowling at Open Bowls events.

CLUB GAMES: Casual, non-competitive weekend games that are typically variations of the classic Pairs game, i.e. Cutthroat, Yardstick, Australian Pairs, Short Jack, and Crop Circle Bowling. Games are for members only.

SOCIAL EVENTS: Open to members and significant others. Casual games and activities. Socializing, food and fun are the focus: Opening Day, Members’ Mixer, Oktoberfest

MEMBERS’ MEETINGS: Discussion of Club business. JPLBC holds a Spring meeting and a Fall meeting to get feedback from club members and share relevant news. Board Officers are elected every other year at the Fall meeting. Monthly Board meetings are open to all JPLBC members with nothing better to do. The NW Division holds a meeting in the Spring that is open to members of all clubs in WA, OR, and ID.