JPLBC functions at the helm of elected board officers and the next election is Saturday, September 14, 2013 at the fall annual club meeting. The current term ends November 30, 2013 and the following officers would like to step down from their current role: Bill Gilroy/ President, Becky Barnett/Treasurer, and Nita Chambers/Secretary.

Nominees for these positions are:
Andy Klubberud  / President
Amy Alesio / Treasurer
Bill Gilroy  / Secretary

Any member who is interested in also running for one of these open positions, should contact Tom Lind, the Nominating Committee chair.

Job Descriptions (as written in the bylaws):

President: The President shall preside at all membership meetings of the club and shall chair all meetings of the Board; shall perform such other duties usually undertaken by a presiding officer; shall be an ex-officio non-voting member of all committees; and shall appoint all standing and special committee chairman.

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep and publish an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings, and keep a record of all tournament proceedings within the club or other clubs, as provided by the Games Chairperson. The Secretary shall also prepare and mail notices of all Special meetings as prescribed in article 8.3.3 of the by-laws and ballots and notice of elections as prescribed in article 9.5 of the by-laws. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping and dispensing the official club membership list, as provided by the Membership Chairperson.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall collect all funds due the club from all sources, giving proper credit when so collected, deposit such funds as are collected in such bank or banks as the Board may designate, be custodian of all club funds and keep a record of the financial transactions of the club. The Treasurer, President, Vice-President, or other Board member approved by the Board, shall be authorized to sign checks or drafts in the name of the club. The Treasurer shall, upon request of the Financial Review Committee, surrender all books, vouchers and other records necessary for reviewing purposes. The Treasurer may design and instigate a voucher system to be used by all club members to submit and recover expenses related to club activities