2012-busters in white 2012-minnie in the kitchen

Tradition! Whites Night comes in all shades and styles for the final game of the season.

2012-Terri-in-fascinator 2012-Val 2012-Gwen

2012-Janice-Julie-no-TersaCongratulations to Tersa Gavlinski who held such a commanding lead, she wasn’t able to be with us the last night, and still won the championship hanging on by her plus points. A phenomenal showing by a first year buster!Janice Bell took 2nd and Julie Schaar took 3rd place. Janice and Julie gave Tersa a virtual hug, but drank all the Champaign.

The highlight of the year was a flood of new Busters filling the greens and stirring the pot. Thanks to Heather DeRosier who introduced many new bowlers to the Busterhood spirit with her blog post rallying cry. Heather wins this years spirit award for seeing a need, and seeing it through.

2012-Tersa rakes

2012-50 shades of green slushie

Buster spirit really came out for 50 Shades of Green Night with a special shout-out to “JelloShot Lynn” for her frequent and potent creations. Thanks for all the help with setup, cleanup, ice-delivery, gin-runs, showing the ropes, taking it easy and playing for fun. Until next year…

2012-Busters 50 shades of green

Thank you for coming out to play!

2012-last end