Update: One continuous pairs game for 24 hrs. The sun set and the bowling continued, it rose and still we bowled, 170 ends later the Blue Demons were declared the winners and a great time was had by all.

At 4pm today, July 3rd, two tenacious teams of 12 (The Red Wolves and The Blue Demons) will launch the longest game in JP history-again!

We, the 24’ urge you all to come out and join us, to share in the buzz, applaud our tenacity, and keep the party going!  Opening hoopla starts today at 4pm, first bowl rolls at 5pm. Final bowl, wrap up ceremony, and BBQ at 5pm tomorrow-Tuesday July 4th

Hope to see you there….we ain’t going anywhere!

Creative Director- Chris Davis
Blue Demons Captain- Tom Lind
Red Wolves Captain- John Hollingsworth