Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club
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2016 NW Division Play Downs

Womens Pairs & Singles

Pairs~Nancy Nishikawa & Amy Alesio
Singles~ Nita Chambers

Men's Pairs & Singles

Pairs~Jeff Covell & Todd Wagers
Singles~ Chris Davis

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2017 Social Security Classic

The Darling and The Dapper Gentleman

The Darling of the Northwest took on the Dapper Gentleman with bowler hat to boot. With poise and elegant carriage, the Dapper Gentleman extinguished his competition throughout the day. But in the final playoff, the Darling of lawn bowling refused to capitulate. Amid groans and sighs, Ms. Nishikawa reigned triumphant over Mr. Krueger in the Social Security Classic Tournament. The Social Security Classic was a lovely day although colorful language was heard on occasion. An abundance of appreciation goes out to all who helped support the tournament- - mowing, rolling, marking and a bit of nibble.
June 21st, 2015|Archives, Social Security Classic, Standings|
Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club

Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club