ERay at Cereal BowlFew of us see the sun rise over the dewy greens, but it's a beautiful sight on crisp late-summer morning. Join us for the 6th Annual Cereal Bowl. Join us just for the ridiculous fun of it!

Saturday, September 15, 7AM

  • Bring your favorite breakfast of champions.
  • The coffee will be on and strong, milk and bowls at the ready.
  • The official attire is "sleepware", but somethings are better left to the imagination, so please do wear something.
  • The game is traditionally bowled staying within the hand-drawn "dew lines" brushed into the green before the sun burns off all evidence.

Cereal Bowl PRECEEDS the All Member Annual Meeting, so get your juices flowing early!

Dew lines

Lisa at Cereal Bowl