Rick gardeningSaturday, April 27
10-1  Campus Day Cleaning
1-2  JP Spring Meeting
2-4  Club Game-Short Jack Pairs

All hands on deck, Saturday, April 27 as we whip the clubhouse and grounds into shape before the big Opening Day festivities the following weekend. This Campus Day lend your hands and clippers to sprucing up the gardens, or grab a sponge and attack the gunk in the bottom of the fridge. There is plenty to do, from window washing to office sorting to patio cleaning and hedge trimming. It ain't getting done without you, and you, and you.

Then enjoy a pizza lunch while we hold our annual JP Spring Meeting. Give the board feedback and build energy for the coming bowling season. These meetings are required in our bi-laws, but nothing says meetings can't be fun, social and informative.

At last, the reason we all joined this club, roll a bowl! The Club Game will follow the meeting. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Then come back the following Saturday and rock some Great Bowls of Fire!

Saturday, May 4
Opening Day Celebration – Great Bowls of Fire!