Club game

Since we are first and foremost a lawn bowling club, we want to give everyone a chance to play. We know that the sport of bowls has different levels of meaning for different people, so we have created a variety of bowling opportunities to engage all sorts, from the champion players to the fair weather players to the cocktail sippers. Many members have played in a league or tournament at some point, both of which are very different vehicles for participating and enjoying the intricacies of lawn bowling. Club Games were created as the bridge between these two bowling activities – a little more formal and perhaps less flamboyant than a league, no time commitment beyond the day of play and no high stakes pressure like a tournament may feel to some.

Club Games are open to all club members. The purpose of these games is to allow for friendly competition, the chance to hone new skills, bowl with different members, all while enjoying the friendliness and welcoming atmosphere of our club. Veteran and notice bowlers alike are encouraged to participate in club games. There is no fee and hence no prize money. They’re arranged to be low-key, so there’s one draw in the mid-morning before lunch. Players can eat their lunch and head out, or for those who want to continue playing, an informal draw opportunity is available after lunch.

A club game of the day may be one of the standard variations of the game, such as Austrailian Pairs, New Zealand Pairs, Cutthroat, Yardstick, Triples, Rinks or Short Jack Pairs. A game of the day may also be a new twist, just for the fun of it.

In addition to the Club Games, the club hosts two additional bowling activiese during the year: Polar Bowl and Cereal Bowl.

Throughtout the year, Sunday on the Greens there is a non-hosted draw game for any and all members who show up. Check the calendar during busy tournament season and check the thermometer during the winter season. As long as there is no tournament in play and no frost or snow on the greens, some members will likely come out to play. Join in!

Keeping with the low-key theme, whites and preregistration are not required. Simply show up 15 minutes before game time to get your name in the draw. No fee required. Open to members only.