Saturday, April 7

Chris on hornClub Games

Chris and Paul are working on a new game… a hybrid of sorts with elements of yardstick, short jack, and regular bowls. Come on out and give it a try. We'll also leave some time for straight ahead old fashioned no frills bowls. Don't look now, but it might actually be a nice day!

First bowl rolls at 10 AM so arriving a bit earlier than that would be good.  Donuts and Coffee.


JPLBC Annual Spring Meeting

The JPLBC Board is looking forward to the annual spring meeting on Saturday, April 7 at Noon.  The meeting will follow club games at 10:00 am.  All members are encouraged to attend.


  • Review of 2011
  • Introduction of new Board members and volunteers
  • JPLBC members filling NW Division roles
  • What's in store of 2012?
  • Volunteer opportunities/Ways to contribute
  • Budget review and membership fee increase
  • Questions & Answers