The kitchen is busy
at the big bowling house
as team northwest slowly start revving their engines
in preparation for 4 games of high test bowling

the skies are clear
unlike last year
when it was all grey and chilly and wet for half of the week

Fast forward
we’re all home and winding down with stories and beverages

We all had our ups and downs but on the whole we did pretty well

On the men’s side:
We were split into teams of three playing triples
The Ferocious Pinkies:
Russ Leonard
Richard Krueger
Doug Bradley

The  Solid Whites
Chris Davis
Jeff Covell
Richard Broad

The Pinkies won 3 of their 4
The Whites 2 of 4

The Pinkies were in firm control in their 3 victories , getting solid contributions throughout
but ran into a buzz saw in their 3rd game against a team led by Andre ‘the sage’ Benares, Bob ‘the chef’ Schwartz, and last but no way least, the momentous reappearance of Tom ‘Cowboy’ Stirrett who ripped their hearts out repeatedly… to the point that  Doug was charging his opposite skip Andre 25 cents per toucher since Doug was running his 7 dollar can of "Toucha" into the ground with Tom’s incessant triple wicking jack finders.

All in all, a solid workman performance from the boys in Pink. And Damn did they look hot!

The Solids started out well eeking out a hard fought victory over a team from Vancouver led by Skip Ivo Van Bastelaere (love that name)… The whites found themselves in a hole with only a few of the ten ends remaining… these ten end games are truly ‘bowl busters’ (pardon me ladies) because with a big end or two the match can be finished before you know it, not to mention that conditions are changing just as rapidly: a draw you thought you had nailed on your last go around can be much bigger the next time around. And when I say big, I’m talking twice as wide as we are accustomed to in the northwest.

In their second game Broad, Covell and Davis faced a formidable team from LA (former US Open Champs)  and led through 8 ends only to give up a five (ouch!) and go down two.  In the final end they were up the necessary three to win the match but the opposing Skip’s  bowl elbowed its way through a nest of blocking bowls and effectively ended the game.

B,C, and D split their final two games and, as of the latest press release, could end up in the same flight as the Pinkies tomorrow… imagine, an all northwest final match! Here’s dreaming to it.

Tomorrow we change greens for the final day of threes… to the Lakeview club where the speeds are even steeper than today’s were…. ice!  Even though our teams  are not in the coveted championship flight the second day brings a clean slate and freshly stoked appetites for all out jack warfare.

Wish you were here.


And on the women’s side . . .

The women played at Johnson, LBC in Sun City West, a gorgeous 4-rink facility with screaming fast grass. We’re not sure of the speed, but we think it was over 14 seconds. The greens are true, but slick at the ends with a definite drop off toward the ditch. The difference between too short and too long is very subtle.

Cracker (Pam Edwards, Lead), Wee Bonny Lass (Janice Bell, second), Cheesehead (Glorianne Mather, Vice), and Trout (Debbie Tupper, skip)— were resplendent in black and stone uniforms, complete with tie-died socks and neckerchiefs. We played Rinks, four 10-end games.


First up, was a delightful team from White Rock, BC–on fire, fresh off their new artificial green. They took an early lead and we never caught up losing the game 4 -13 but having a really nice time in the process.

Our next opponents were also from White Rock—the luck of the draw. This time the Riveters were in a better groove finishing a tight game 6 – 8.

After lunch, the greens were lightening fast and we were all bowling over to the number in the next rink over to get the right amount of grass. Our opponents were from CA (Kim Heiser, Linda Jahraus, Sybil, Patty). We had a really fun game with them, tight all the way, and finished winning 8 – 7.

Our final draw was four crackerjack bowlers from the US national team (Marina Hyland, Irene Webster, Jan Hargreaves and Dee McSparran—recent finalist at Potters). The Riveters bowled very nicely indeed and had a lead going into the 8th end. Team Hyland scored a 4 making the score 7 – 8 going into 10th. Going home, the Riveters laid down a two-bowl jack sandwich. The sandwich lasted and lasted even after two firing shots from the opposing skip. Over and out, 8 – 7 for us!

On to the finals tomorrow, with a two and two record.

P.S. I’m a man and I just read this.  These ladies are on a roll and I love every one of them.