Day 2

The men all survived to play in the 3rd flight Sunday

The Ferocious Pinkies (Leonard, Krueger, and Bradley) won their first game against Roger Greens team:  Roger was playing with a couple of locals from Sun City. It was neck and neck for the first 7 ends until the Pinkies scored a 6 and coasted home. Unfortunately the they lost their next game and were done for the day. They ended up 4 and 2.

The Solid Whites lost their first game to a trio from LA, mostly due to the an uncanny stream of  heartbreaking salvos delivered by their skip Scott -Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover- Peterson.  Scott dispatched both of the northwest teams as if he'd been wronged by a salmon on his way to the green.

The Whites recovered in the second game against Roger Green's team. Rodger still reeling from his first game against the Pinkies, never found his groove , nor did his mates and the Whites rolled to the win. This victory entitled Broad, Covell, and Davis to go to a final game which they played on the center green in front of the teaming throngs. It was, as many said, a war, and came down to a final shot by the opponents skip: A classic example of the fabled "PIOOYA" shot  (as in  'Pull it out of….'.) that jiggled through to better the 3 shots that the Seattles had which would have won the game.

On the women's side Janice, Glorianne, Pam, and Debbie played the stellar team they upset yesterday (led by Linda Jarhaus and Kim Heiser) in a memorable game. They got off to a rocky start, were down by 14 and then rallied to cut their lead to 4 before finally losing 16 – 20. Applicable quote: "Never give up 16 points in 4 ends". (Edwards)

Today the men split into pairs, the women go for singles. That would be Krueger and Bradley, Davis and Leonard, Covell and Klubberud, Janice Bell and our homey from Milwaukee, Glorianne Mather.

Quote from the team kitchen:  "Who's the wise guy who bought Jiff ?!?" (Bradley)

If this is patchy and thrown together-ish,  that's because I must run to the greens now. Onward!