Hello Jeffersonians,

4th day in Sun City
Final day of women's singles and men's pairs

Top story
Jeff Covell and Andy Klubberud won all three of their games today,  handily, and so won the 5th flight. They bowled impeccably and left little doubt that the northwest is on the rise… people are talking. Championship flight next time!

The rest of us: well…. not so good. Russ and I lost our one end playoff in the morning and didn't get to bowl today. We went over to the green where the women were playing and watched a great match–lasting over 20 ends–between Janice Bell and long time USA stalwart Regina Benares. Janice took the early lead. Regina got going and had it going for a while then Janice came back late and tied it at 14 (game to 18).  They both took a short break and after that Regina pulled out a 3 and a 1 in the final two ends…. phooey!

Richard Broad won his first and lost his second to Frank Souza and Len Hitchcock, very common names in US bowling lore over the last
20 some years. Roger Green played two pretty good games but also came up short. Same for the venerable duo of Mr. Bradley and Mr. Krueger.

Besides Jeff and Andy's victory the highlight of the day had to be the final match of the men's pairs between a veteran pair from Sun City(Jack Behling and Bill Pearson) and  the younger guys from LA (Charlie Herbert and Steve Smith). It lasted well over two hours and was the only show going at the end of long day. A good cluster of remaining bowlers and fans stayed on to watch as the match went on and one; it closed very dramatically  over the last few ends as skip Charlie Herbert pulled off a few stunning shots to negate the stellar leading of Bill Pearson.

I've written about Charlie in the past and mentioned his penchant for firing. Today wasn't any different: he threw a slew of drives,  some succesful  some not, but all at warp speed. He and his lead use this tactic often and it worked to prolong the match and enabled them to slowly cut into Behling's lead and finally triumph with a few deft draw shots at the end. Behling had the last bowl and a chance to win it all with one shot but was unable to get inside of Herbert's.  Very impressive all around: very different styles, very tense and entertaining.

That's all for now. Not the snappiest or most dramatic of blog
entries but that's what I've got for now. Hope to report good stuff
soon from our singles tournament and the women's pairs.  Janice will play with Glorianne Mather from Milwaukee and our beloved homeys from Portland, Pam Edwards and Debbie Tupper will team up too. They all have some fashion statements to make and I'm sure their bowls will be talking too.

Itching to bowl.