A week of bowling is over.

Team northwest is scattering in various directions but I have the upstairs TV room to myself for a spell before our departure to the airport.

Yesterday went well for some, less well for others.
For my part:  my day in alphabetical order –  high hopes….  humility.   After two lame attempts at winning in the championship bracket of singles I was flummoxed, then grumpy.   Oh, my eyes were big weren’t they?!   I had bowled well all the day before and thought I’d found something I could rely on. Whatever that was was gone this time round.

Where does the touch go? To a storage unit somewhere? In Nebraska, maybe?

My first game, against the eventual champeen, wasn’t  too awful but I certainly didn’t find the line and weight that were necessary to compete with Leo Dusabloom from Saskatchewan. I remember Leo from last year when we also met in singles: a very easy going guy, positive and  fun to play against.  He bowled really well all day and being further than a foot or two away was not going to work against him. I didn’t get any better in the second game and lost to another Canadian, Stu McNaughton from Vancouver Island. Again,  a painful game but in the best of company.

On other fronts:

Jeff Covell came oh so close to winning  his bracket, the 4th. He won his first two games impressively and in the final game, after coming back from a deep hole and making two last-bowl game saving shots he finally came up short on the last end, lost by one point,  and had to settle for 2nd place. For his efforts Jeff was later given  the NWBOT (Northwest Bowler of the Tournament) award by a distinguished panel of judges back at the team headquarters. In accordance with our newly minted custom, and with the necessary goading from his devoted supporters,  Jeff jumped into the chilly pool fully clothed… as always, his form was impeccable.

*[ his exit to dry land was a little rocky; the limp should fade, eventually].

Richard Broad, bowling in the 5th flight at a green across town , edged out Doug Bradley in his second game 18 to 16 and made it to the final which he won by default: his opponent, having played 54 ends over his previous two games chose survival over glory and threw in the towell. Rodger Green lost a couple squeakers but did manage to prevail over Frank Souza, a Sun City resident and USLBA hall of famer.

Big Russ Leonard had his moment in  the sun after many near misses and it was all we could do to keep his head within the confines of our rental car on the way home. He too, took the ritual plunge into the pool at the team’s training facilities.  Cashing his first check on tour, Russ plans to invest his winnings in Grippo futures.

After our own games were over Richard Krueger, Jeff, and I traveled to the women’s venue and watched Janice and Glorianne in their final game of the 4th flight. They had won their previous two games in fine fashion but came up short in the third, winning 2nd place in the flight. The prize money canceled out the entry fee, so all was not in vain. It sure was cool to see Janice out there bowling with all the big cheeses around.

Pam and Debbie had a tough draw in the 3rd flight, playing Dee McSparran (Team USA) and Linda Vandenberg (South Africa) in one match and and Jackie Tucker and Mary Ann Beath in the other. They won the team shirt competition hands down.

As always I come away from this week of bowling with memories of shots made and missed, heads pondered and whispered over, assorted wicks, rubs, bumps, and burns….and of course the faces, voices and styles of so many characters. These rolling orbs sure do attract and hold a diverse bunch.

the jangling cowboy
the downy hucker
the professor
the magician
the soprano
the turtle
the pretty boys
the pirate

to name a few.

Be up,


*quote of the day: "Your line was right but your strong was wrong".