The Ditchmeister 5000 is being sent back to the shop for a tune-up. This past week's first running got off to a bumpy start with few teams firing on all cylinders — i.e. embracing the veritable jackpot touchers could deliver, particularly those in the ditch. The thrill of that first ditched jack, however, seemed to kick things into high gear for several partnerships. Off to the races, these early ditchers ran up some very big counts against their trailing opponents who found themselves wiping sand (instead of chalk) off their bowls. Not a resounding success coming out of the blocks, this game will get a working over and be back at some point in the near future as the retooled, retorqued Ditcherator Ga-Zillion. Watch out for it.

In the meantime, we are just past the halfway point of the season, and with four more nights to go, everyone is still in it — literally, figuratively and mathematically.

This coming week you will get all of your bowls.  No other hints.  See everyone on Wednesday.

Beer cans make real good ditch markers!