Picking up where we left off last year, our fall Wednesday night league — the Die Hards — will be devoted to hardcore skill development through crazeball twists on our quirky little game.  We'll start normal enough on Week One with a straight draw, all four bowls, nice and easy like, but pretty quickly veer off into Tasmanian Rules, the DitchMeister 500 and even a spot of Going all Krueger on Your Ass.  This will be the wildest Die Hards League ever!  Drop-ins welcome (at $5/week), or you can commit to full-throttle 100% DH status ($15 for the entire nine week run).  There will be glory, there will be prizes, there will be a banquet permit!!  Just Bring It, Bowlers!!!
Coming October 1 – November 26, 2014 to JPLBC

Questions?  Contact DH Chairs Russ Leonard and Chris Davis