1-What is the first rule of Bowl Busters?
2-What time do we begin?
3-What if I'm late?
4-What do I do when I arrive?
5-How long does it take to play a game?
6-What do I wear?
7-What equipment do I need?
8-What’s for dinner?
9-Do we play if it rains?
10-What can I do to help?
11-How does the scoring work?

12-What is the game format?
13-What if I can't make it some week?

1 What the first rule of Bowl Busters?

Keep it fun. We are supportive and encouraging to all bowlers no matter their skill level. Celebrating a good shot, even by your opponent, is good form. Similarly, there is no shame in a bowl gone bad; it happens to all of us. Take the game serious enough to learn how it’s played, not so serious that it’s no longer fun for other people. Loosen up, blow off work, responsibilities, cares of the world and enjoy the fine company of other women who like a good roll on the grass.

2 What time do we begin?

Bowling begins at 7pm, but the clubhouse opens at 6PM. Come early help setup,  put something on the grill, chill with friends, or roll a bowl to get in the groove. We draw for games at 7pm.

3 What if I'm late?

If you are going to be a few minutes late and want to be in the draw, call Kat’s mobile at 206-856-1432 and we'll throw your name in the mix. YOU MUST CALL by 6:45pm. You are always welcome to come late and serve drinks and sit in the glow of a great sunset.

4 What do I do when I arrive?

#1 You must sign in at the club register by the front door.

#2 You must find the brass token with your name on it (right inside the front door) and bring it up to the game table. This is how we draw for games.

#3 Put on your name tag! If you forgot yours, make a temporary one using the press-on sticker type in the name tag drawer.

#4 Select your bowls from the bowls rack. It’s first come, first serve for using house bowls. If you prefer a certain set, come early and claim them for the game.

5 How long does it take to play a game?

Bowl Buster games will be one game of 10-ends.  Actual time varies, but games wrap up around 9-9:30. To do that, the games need to keep moving, so pay attention to when it’s your turn to bowl and be ready. At the end of the night, those who don’t need to rush off are welcome to stay later and hang with friends or play “Chris Davis Freestyle".

6 What do I wear?

Please wear smooth-soled shoes. No heels — nothing with hard edges that can dig into the greens. Shoes with recessed tread are OK. Bare feet are OK, but it does get cold.

Whites are NOT required. You can wear anything you are comfortable in. The last night of league is traditionally “whites night”. White is what you make it, I’m just sayin’…

Bring a jacket. We start in Junuary, so evenings are always chilly to downright cold. Seems wrong, but do the best you can and dress for cool, damp weather the first few weeks of league.

As the weather warms up, so do the mosquitoes. They come out at dusk and pray on the sweet flesh of Bowl Busters. Cover up or splash a little of your preferred repellent. Do what you must.

7 What equipment do I need?

The club has guest bowls you may use, but any other bowler can take the bowls you prefer if they arrive before you. Come early to claim your bowls of choice.

Bring a hand towel. As evening falls, the dew rises and bowls get harder to hold. Bring a towel, wipe bowls off before each turn, and before you put them in the box or your carrying case at the end of the game. Please don’t put your bowls away in the beautiful boxes wet!

A few other specialty items are nice to have and easily affordable. Please consider purchasing your own gripping cream, bowls measure, and chalk. Just ask someone who has been around the block awhile.

8 What’s for dinner?

Bring your own dinner or something to share with the group, if you like. The grill will be hot, and the club has basic condiments. Plates, cups, silverware and serving utensils are all available at the club.

For league night, we have a banquet permit so on the table you will always find a bottles of gin & tonic that is paid for from the Kitty Jar. Help yourself, and put in a few bucks in the Kitty to cover the cost of keeping the G&T on the table. Extra money in the jar goes to Champagne for toasting the winners on the last night.

If gin & tonic isn’t your thing, you are welcome to bring your beer, wine, or spirit of choice. Non-alcoholic drinks are also permitted. Bring it just for yourself or share with the group. IF you put your personal beverage in the fridge, put your name on it. Bottles without names are considered up-for-grabs. If you're jonesing for a beer, look in the fridge :-)

9 Do we play if it rains?

You betcha we bowl. No worries if it’s just a little damp. If it's truly raining and water is flooding the greens, we will lingered over another drink and coffee-talk while we wait for rain to stop –and drinking with friends beats sitting at home alone.

10 What can I do to help?

Help set-up and take-down! Anyone coming early can pitch in and help setup the rinks for the games, bring out mats, jacks, rakes and scoreboards. Roll out the grill and bring a table outside. At the end of the evening, those same items are neatly tucked away, garbage is taken to the dumpster, all the dishes are clean.

Ride a big machine! We need league members to “roll the green” with the awesome, side-winding machine. This takes a lesson and some practice, but we get a better green and you gain a lot of respect. As the organizer, I don’t have time to do that too, so we need people to step up and do it, or it doesn’t get done. Willing? Tell KAT.

Maintenance Mondays! Each week a volunteer crew works on keeping the grounds in lovely condition. If you have the time to help mow a lawn (not the bowling green), weed a garden, and other volunteer activities, please come out and help Monday nights from 6pm until dusk from June through August.

11 How do the Standings work?

Your league standing is determined by Wins, Plus Points  and Total Points. Each time the team you are on wins a game you get 1 Win point. If the team you are on wins that game by 5 or more points, you receive 1 Plus Point. Only 1 Plus Point is possible per game. A running tally of your game points is also kept and that is Total Points. The Buster drinking from the Bowlie Grail at the end of league is based on number of games won. If there is tie, it is based on number of Plus Points. If there is still a tie, the winner is based on Total Points.

Fame, glory and prizes go to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place, but really, we're all winners.

12 What is the game format?

The games will be Doubles or Triples depending on the number of Busters who make it each week. Games will be 10- or 12-ends. No burned ends. If the jack goes out of bounds, return it to the rink 2 meters from the ditch on the centerline. If there is a tie, play a tie-breaking one end.

13-What if I can't make it some week?
Too bad, we'll miss you! Hope you can make it next week.