Heloise's bowling hints

Helpful Hints for new bowlers from Busters who have been around the block


–From Nita Chambers, Buster since 2006–

"When You're Down Be Up"

Two-fold meaning:
1. Keep it positive. Don't beat yourself up if the bowl doesn't do what you wanted it to do. There's always another bowl.

2. If you're behind in points do your best to get your bowl to the jack or a little behind it.

–From Amy Alesio, Buster since 2007–

"Leads use big hand gestures to indicate to the Skip how far and which direction to move the jack when centering."


  • Keep hands to the side the jack needs to move.
  • Spread hands apart about the same distance the jack needs to move.
  • Hands in front of your face are really hard to see. Raise them above your head as the jack gets close to the center.


  • Stand to the side of the jack when centering it so the Lead can see the number indicating the centerline.

–From Llysa Holland, Buster since 2006

"Generosity brings generosity"

Our club is built on the kindness, dedication and willingness of members to pitch-in, share the love, share the chores, share the thrill of victory and agony of defeat.


Too much sharing of the wrong sort can turn your teammate out of sorts! Take care to not give someone too much information. When at the head, give guidance when asked, or when you see a strategic advantage that you think your partner might not see. Leads, ask Skips how much information they like about the head. Skips, be careful to not give new bowlers so many pointers on their delivery that they are overwhelmed with instruction.

–From Betsy Whitaker, Buster since 2007

"Pay attention to when it's your turn to bowl smiley"

Get your bowl in your hand and be ready to take over the mat as soon as the previous bowler steps off the mat. Push the Pause button on that conversation. Once you are on the mat, take your time.

"When delivering the bowl, good follow-through will help your bowl go where you want it."

If you're not happy with your bowl delivery, pay attention to where your arm and hand point as you release the bowl. Many of us curl are arms around or flick the bowl unintentionally with our fingers. Find your aiming point and make sure that is where your arm ends up.

–From Karen Porter, Buster since 2006

"Play to your strengths but be aware of your opponents preferences so you can "change it up" and this will help you win the game!"

Strategy tips for the Lead:

  • The first tip is to observe how your opponent plays the game and notice her preferences, such as a long jack bowled with forearm. You can then place a blocker bowl in her line to the jack, so she will then need to use her backhand to reach other side of jack.
  • When you set the jack, make it a short jack to "mix it up".
  • You can also move the mat all the way to the hog line. You will then need to set your jack at least 2 meters from back board.

"Lawn bowling is easy to learn but difficult to master."
–from our dear former club president, Chuck Caddey