Can you loan something we need for these events?

For the duration of the championship events, August 23-28, we are looking to borrow these items. Please contact if you have something on the list to loan.

THANK YOU for saving the club from having to rent these items!

Large Coolers to hold sodas, beer, and extra ice
  -2 mammoth-size coolers from Drew
  -1 cooler from Jane & Merf

THANKS! We have enough.

8-10 Patio Umbrellas in a stand to place at the end of rinks. They must be easy to move each day and high enough for players to easily stand under.
  -1 umbrella from Drew, plus one jockey table for keg

4 Folding card tables to use for the Last End Lounge
  -1 card table from Drew
  -Several card tables from WPLBC
THANKS! We have enough.

2 or 3 Large Gas Grills : use Wednesday, August 24 only
    -1 from Bill and Lisa
   -1 from Lauren and Leon
THANKS! We have enough.