JP Mens and Womens Singles Open

This weekend we have the JP Mens and Womens Singles Tournaments and we are desperately in need of markers.  Please give a thought to helping mark on Saturday and/or Sunday even if only for one game.  We have a sheet of markers duties and will explain what is needed if you are hesitant to mark.

We start at 10 am and expect to bowl until around 5 pm.

Singles Play Downs

The Mens and Womens singles Playdowns are due to be held on July 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th.

We will have a need for markers on Sat. 14th, Sun 15th especially.  Please help to provide a marker for each singles game to make it easier for the competitors.

Two games are scheduled for each day starting at 9.30 am and are to 21 points.

Please consider marking if only for one game.


Howard Syder

Tournament Chairman