Summary:Saturday May 17th provided the hottest day of the year and eight teams of Mixed Pairs toiled all day in the sun to determine who would be the Champions.

Richard Broad and Susan Parker won all their games to become the Champions, congratulations to them. Its and Nancy Nishikawa beat Chris Davis and Kat Marriner to secure second place. This put Chris and Kat into a tie with Jean and Howard Syder for third which was decided by plus points with Chris and Kat prevailing.

At the end of the day all the teams were looking forward to a deserved rest, everyone was tired as we are not used to this amount of heat after our very cool spring.

Thanks to all who participated.

Howard Syder (JP Games Chair)

Sun, 05/18/2008 – 1:00pm
1st Place:
Richard Broad and Susan Parker
2nd Place:
Its and Nancy Nishikawa
3rd Place:
Chris Davis and Kat Marriner