Director’s Recap

2013-DSC_021316 bowlers filled green one over the weekend for the 2013 Jefferson Park Open Singles. Women and men alike played in one competition and Richard Broad and Nancy Nishikawa were left standing for the final after 6 hard fought games under warm, sunny skies. Their dual came down to the final bowl – wouldn’t you know it – and Richard tipped a bowl in for two shots and victory. In the other final, for third place overall, Rikki Ricard and Tom Lind met and Tom prevailed. Final standings: 1st – Richard Broad, 2nd – Nancy Nishikawa, 3rd – Tom Lind.

Tournament information:

Date: July 13-14, 2013
Fee: $5 per player
Draw time: 9:30AM
Start time: 10:00AM
Attire: May be whites or colors

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before start time and don’t forget to bring your lunch.

Registration deadline: Thursday, July 11, 7pm

To Register

Contact the Tournament Chair, Chris Davis.
Markers needed. Contact Chris to volunteer as a marker.

Singles Participants – Mixed Tournament

  1. Russ Leonard
  2. Nita Chambers
  3. Doug Bradley
  4. Richard Broad
  5. Stephen Tontoni
  6. Rikki Ricard
  7. Rand Coburn
  8. Claus Windelev
  9. Tom Lind
  10. Nancy Nishikawa
  11. Chris Davis
  12. John Hollingsworth
  13. Richard Krueger
  14. Amy Alesio
  15. Neil Gloier
  16. Adrian Jarreau


  1. Lisa Duffala
  2. Bill Gilroy
  3. Its Nishikawa
  4. Todd Wagers
  5. Alexis Vanden Bos
  6. Dennis Duroff

Tournament Results

1st place: Richard Broad
2nd place: Nancy Nishikawa
3rd place: Tom Lind