Here is the recipe for the Best Bite of Bowl Busters 2013 thanks to Rachel Maxi.


Kale – one bunch or has much as you desire.. (adjust other ingredient amounts of course)
purple onion – not more than a small half of one chopped up fine… unless you like more
sunflower seeds (toasted if you have time)
red bell pepper – chopped up
dried cranberries – I like to chop them up a little
celery – two ribs – chopped
feta cheese – chopped or crumbled

Dressing: This is more than enough, you might want to save some for something else – unless you like a lot of it like I do – it's a light dressing.

lemon juice of two squeezed lemons, and an equal amount of olive oil
clove of garlic – pressed or diced fine

Mix it all together or shake it up in a jar.


Wash the kale, and pat it down with paper towels so it's not wet – even if you spin it.

Cut out and discard the big vein, and chop up the rest into smaller pieces.

Put it all in a bowl, sprinkle with about a 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt, and massage the kale. This will help break it down a little, and make it soft. You will notice the bowl is half filled after it breaks down.

Leave it sit while you prep the other ingredients.

When you have everything else ready, add it to the kale and toss.

If you are taking this to a party, I recommend taking the dressing and the seeds in separate containers and adding them when you're ready to serve it.

You can do a variation of this salad by replacing the kale with chard – I recommend wild rice with this one though. You can also add garbanzo beans.

There are so many ways to make a good salad!