A Mixed League for Late Summer Fun!

August 6 – September 24, 2014

Wednesday Nights
$15 league fee or $5 drop-in/night for current JPLBC Members


Brand new members may pay a $40 league fee instead of a full membership to try out the game*

Doors open at 6 pm, Game draws at 7 pm and again around 8 pm.

Becky Barnett to sign up.

Open to all JPLBC club members. Games are usually pairs or triples. Each week, players enter 2 random draws for partners. Individual standings are tallied and prizes awarded to the top three bowlers.

* If you are brand new to lawn bowling and are curious about the game but not sure you want to commit to the $115 membership fee plus the $15 league fee, we are now offering an introductory (first year only) rate of $40. If you decide you want to become a full member, $25 of that fee may be applied towards this year's membership. Annual membership are $115 and open the doors to all club games, tournaments and social activities. First year bowlers need only contact Becky to sign-up for the league and ask for the special intro rate.