Leagues All Year 'Round!

Members Only, with the exception of Bowl Busters. See below for details.


Frosty league

Saturdays - January/February

Doors at 12:00pm. Chips in by 12:45. Games at 1:00.
$20 league fee or $5 drop-in

Game starts at 1 pm. Get your chip in by 12:45 and help set up the rinks and get some warm up rolls in. In dead of winter our hearty men and women "Bowl on!"


Spring Rolls

Saturdays - March/April

Doors at 12:00pm. Chips in by 12:45. Games at 1:00pm. 
$20 league fee or $5 drop-in 

As the grass starts to grow the bowls start to roll. For folks who are ready to start the season early.


Bowl Busters

Wednesdays June/july

Doors at 5:30. Chips in by 6:45. Games at 7:00.
$20 league fee

This league has a little of everything: delicious food and drinks (potluck), great conversation, awesome music, and bowling as the sun sets. Competitive yet casual gameplay.

Non-members may opt for a one-time Busterhood Membership: $45 ($20 league fee + $25 greens fee.)
Register: bb@seattlebowls.org


Men with Big Bowls

Tuesday nights - June/July

Doors at 5:30. Chips in by 6:45. Games at 7:00.
$20 league fee

This is not your typical lawn bowling league. How many lawn bowling leagues have an anthem? Relaxed, yet competitive, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Contact:  mwbb@seattlebowls.org.



Thursday nights - june/july

Games at 7:00.
$20 league fee

To play in the Odd Couples league, players sign up as a team. Your team can consist any combination of two men, two women, or one of each! 

Structured as a round-robin style of play, you and your partner will play as a team* each week throughout the length of the league.  Each team will play all the other teams at sometime during the length of the league.   

*Although you play on a set team each week, it is ok to find another member to sub for you if needed.


Late Summer League

Wednesday nights - Aug/Sep

Doors at 6:00. Chips in by 6:45, Games at 7:00. 
$20 league fee or $5 drop-in

A Coed League for Late Summer Fun! Games are usually pairs or triples. Individual standings are tallied and prizes awarded to the top three bowlers. 


Masters league

Aug/Sept Thursday nights

Doors at 6:00, Games at 7:00. 
$30 league fee, Sign up required

Bump up your skills by playing competitive singles matches in the Masters League with some of our best players.



Saturdays Oct. 12- Nov 30

Doors at 12:00. Chips in by 12:45, Games at 1:00. 
$20 league fee or $5 drop-in

Only for hardy, fun-loving, intrepid Northwest bowlers who say, "If you can’t take the rain, move to Sun City!"