Bump up your skills by playing competitive singles matches in the Masters League. League nights run Aug 3- Sept 28, 2017.


  • Four bowls per player.
  • Prior to the start of a Match, each player will be allowed trial ends. Four bowls each direction.
  • A burned jack is re‐spotted on the 2‐meter mark.
  • Player taking the mat is determined by a coin toss or rolled bowl (big or little). Winner of toss has the option to take the mat.
  • The winner of the 1st set takes the mat for the beginning of the 2nd set.
  • If the 1st set ends in a tie, the winner of the last scoring end takes the mat for the 2nd set.
  • In the case of a tie‐breaker, a coin is tossed to determine who has option of taking the mat.
  • If the tie‐breaker is tied after 3 ends, the coin is again tossed to determine who has option of taking the mat.

Each match will consist of two sets; each set being played over 9 ends. The winner of each set will be the player with the most shots (points) at the completion of the 9th end. All 9 ends must be played in each set.

If shot scores (points) are tied at the end of the set (after 9 ends) then the set is drawn (tied). The player who wins the 2nd set would win the match.

If a player lost the 1st set and tied the 2nd set, the player who won the 1st set would be the winner of the match.

If each player wins a set (or both sets ended in a tie), a 3 end tie breaker is played. The winner of the tie breaker would then when the match. if after 3 ends during the tie breaker the score is tied, a 4th end will be played to determine the winner. For scoring purposes, a tie‐breaker is not a set.

2016 Master League Schedule and Rink Assignments

WEEK ONE- August 4
Alexis VB RINK 1 BYE
Larry Holman RINK 2 Chris Davis
Andy Klubberud RINK 3 Russ Leonard
Richard Broad RINK 4 John E
Adrian Jarreau RINK 5 Jim Grutz
Jon Huffman RINK 6 Rikki Ricard
Amy Alesio RINK 7 Andrew Schuenemann
Anne Walsh RINK 8 Tom Lind
WEEK TWO- August 11
Larry Holman RINK 1 BYE
Andy Klubberud RINK 3 Alexis VB
Richard Broad RINK 4 Chris Davis
Adrian Jarreau RINK 5 Russ Leonard
Jon Huffman RINK 6 John E
Amy Alesio RINK 8 Jim Grutz
Anne Walsh RINK 7 Rikki Ricard
Tom Lind RINK 2 Andrew Schuenemann
WEEK THREE- August 18
Andy Klubberud RINK 1 BYE
Richard Broad RINK 5 Larry Holman
Adrian Jarreau RINK 6 Alexis VB
Jon Huffman RINK 7 Chris Davis
Amy Alesio RINK 8 Russ Leonard
Anne Walsh RINK 2 John E
Tom Lind RINK 3 Jim Grutz
Andrew Schuenemann RINK 4 Rikki Ricard
WEEK FOUR- August 25
Richard Broad RINK 1 BYE
Adrian Jarreau RINK 7 Andy Klubberud
Jon Huffman RINK 8 Larry Holman
Amy Alesio RINK 4 Alexis VB
Anne Walsh RINK 5 Chris Davis
Tom Lind RINK 6 Russ Leonard
Andrew Schuenemann RINK 2 John E
Rikki Ricard RINK 3 Jim Grutz
WEEK FIVE- September 1
Adrian Jarreau RINK 1 BYE
Jon Huffman RINK 4 Richard Broad
Amy Alesio RINK 5 Andy Klubberud
Anne Walsh RINK 6 Larry Holman
Tom Lind RINK 7 Alexis VB
Andrew Schuenemann RINK 8 Chris Davis
Rikki Ricard RINK 2 Russ Leonard
Jim Grutz RINK 3 John E
WEEK SIX- September 8
Jon Huffman RINK 1 BYE
Amy Alesio RINK 6 Adrian Jarreau
Anne Walsh RINK 3 Richard Broad
Tom Lind RINK 4 Andy Klubberud
Andrew Schuenemann RINK 5 Larry Holman
Rikki Ricard RINK 6 Alexis VB
Jim Grutz RINK 8 Chris Davis
John E RINK 2 Russ Leonard
WEEK SEVEN- Septemeber 15
Amy Alesio RINK 1 BYE
Anne Walsh RINK 6 Jon Huffman
Tom Lind RINK 7 Adrian Jarreau
Andrew Schuenemann RINK 8 Richard Broad
Rikki Ricard RINK 5 Andy Klubberud
Jim Grutz RINK 4 LarryHolman
John E RINK 3 Alexis VB
Russ Leonard RINK 2 Chris Davis
WEEK EIGHT- September 22
Anne Walsh RINK 1 BYE
Tom Lind RINK 8 Amy Alesio
Andrew Schuenemann RINK 6 Jon Huffman
Rikki Ricard RINK 5 Adrian Jarreau
Jim Grutz RINK 7 Richard Broad
John E RINK 3 Andy Klubberud
Russ Leonard RINK 4 Larry Holman
Chris Davis RINK 2 Alexis VB
WEEK NINE- September 29
Tom Lind RINK 1 BYE
Andrew Schuenemann RINK 2 Anne Walsh
Rikki Ricard RINK 3 Amy Alesio
Jim Grutz RINK 4 Jon Huffman
John E RINK 5 Adrian Jarreau
Russ Leonard RINK 6 Richard Broad
Chris Davis RINK 7 Andy Klubberud
Alexis VB RINK 8 Larry Holman
WEEK TEN- October 6
Andrew Schuenemann RINK 1 BYE
Rikki Ricard RINK 3 Tom Lind
Jim Grutz RINK 4 Anne Walsh
John E RINK 8 Amy Alesio
Russ Leonard RINK 6 Jon Huffman
Chris Davis RINK 7 Adrian Jarreau
Alexis VB RINK 5 Richard Broad
Larry Holman RINK 2 Andy Klubberud