Lew Storm, passionate bowler, playful character, and great supporter of our two Seattle clubs, passed away July 22, 2013. Lew was recognized as a local, regional and national champion. He qualified for the US Championship 18 times, and won Singles in 1987.

Lew likely started bowling in the 1950s and was a longtime member of Woodland Park, or “Queen City” as he would say. He helped build green 2, the upper one, in the 1960s.

Lew joined the Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club and continued to compete annually in the playdowns. His longtime pairs partner was Martin Claspill. Lew was honored at the 2011 Championships by being invited to roll out the first bowl.

Chapel service will be held at 12:00 noon, Tuesday, August 6, 2013, at Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park, Seattle, WA. Read the obituary here.

Jeff Covell, longtime neighbor and fellow bowler, shares these reflections of Lew:

He used to bowl at Woodland ‘till midnight most nights, playing games for a nickel bet.  He and his bowling mates would slip away between ends and jump into a parked car and drink whiskey.  “We had nice, big jugs of whiskey,” he’d say. “Caught hell from wife for that.”

His wife incidentally was the cook at B.F. Day Elementary school when I went there K through 5.  Lew’s fire station abutted B.F. Day, and he often helped his wife cook.  They made my cornbread that I traded everything for.

I’ll miss the guy.  We spent a lot a time talking in my old neighborhood; at least every morning and every evening when he was taking his dog Patch for a walk.  One night I went running to his house in my underwear because a raccoon had woken me up in my bedroom.  He brought out his shotgun.  One day, when an atypical heavy snow had fallen, he was outside my kitchen window staring in.  “Come on Kid,” he shouted, deep in his 80s, “let’s play!”  I was all old inside: “I can’t Lew, I gotta work.”  “You don’t need to work, it’s snowing!” he said.  I ended up throwing a snowball at him.  Hit him right in the forehead, square.  Don’t you remember that Lew?

The members of Jefferson Park lawn bowling club will miss that moment in each season when Lew would arrive, driving his car, with his fishing boat strapped to the roof.