2011 US Championship logoThe 2011 Design Committee has been busy. Graphic designer and committee member, Harold Mullen, worked with committee members Kat Marriner and Laura Perry to determine the general logo direction and then refined the concept. Thank you to Harold and the Design Committee members for all your work.

The Artist's description:
  The 2011 USLBA Nationals logo is based on prehistoric hand petroglyphs found in many parts of the world. Here in the Northwest, petroglyphs are found from British Columbia to the mighty Columbia River and Oregon Coast. The Northwest Indians considered the left hand the spiritual, sacred or healing hand. Presenting the hand on its side, holding a bowl, suggests a welcoming goodwill and the "spirit" of lawn bowling. The marker on the bowl is a salmon egg which represents not only our region but the renewal of our club each spring with returning and new members. This logo combines the elements of regional history, tradition and modern spirit that the Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club brings to the future of lawn bowling in North America.