The band

The Mixer wouldn't be a success without a great mix of members to make it happen. Thanks to Lindy Wishard, Laura Perry, Will Urban, Andrew Litzky, Willie Weir, Eric Ring, Andy Sodt, Greg Stumph, Chris Davis, Rodger Green and Oscar Mraz for their special contribution to the party.

We have these bowlers to thank for lendingtheir creative talents to the music, ambiance, maddening game, and for oh so delicioso cakes.

Thanks to all the bowlers who tried their hand a time or two or ten at driving the bowls into the ditch and moving over to kiss the jack. We raised a jackpot of $1000. Half goes to the 2011 US Championship Fund. The names of the top 5 closest draws to the jack went into a hat (Doug Bradley, Adrian Jarreau, Willie Weir, Janice Bell and Todd Wagers) and Adrian was the lucky name drawn out of the hat. Congratulations Adrian!

Mover Over Top 5

I started the Members Mixer 5 years ago as a way for new bowlers to meet the tried and true, for men with big bowls to meet bowl busters, for new upstarts to meet the old farts. As the party chair it's been wonderfully satisfying to be at the helm of the greatest party of the summer. But it's time to let someone else take the reins. I will delight in seeing new twists or old traditions. A healthy, active, vibrant club evolves and new energy and ideas emerge.

Let me be the first to RSVP to whomever sends next years invitation.

Kat Marriner