Men's Pairs Playdown Final

John Johnson/Andy Klubberud  vs. Chris Davis/Todd Wagers

12:56am–With five bowls behind or near the jack, Davis needs to trail it back two feet. Misses. JJ draws the second shot. CD tries to burn it. Misses. John Johnson and Andy Klubberud win 15-10.

TW draws for one. Then nips skims the jack for two. AK draws the shot. CD for a toucher and back for three. JJ draws for point, or close. CD wicks and misses JJ's bowl. JJ in for a short blocker on the right side. CD heavy into the head, misses. JJ draws a toucher on his last bowl for two. JJ/AK 15-9 after 17.

12:36–Long jack. Most have been long. Measure for one goes to CD/TW. 13-9 after 16. Down and back.

12:27–Down 2, CD comes in heavy, bring the jack back to TW's bowl. JJ draws the shot. CD comes in with two close, but JJ still has shot. JJ draws 2nd on last bowl. 2 for JJ/AK 13-8 JJ/AK after 15.

12:19–TW draws four to open up. JJ draws the third point with his first bowl and the 2nd with his second. One for CD/TD. 11-8 JJ/AK after 14. Four ends to go.

12:08–Down three in the head, CD draws to cut it to one on last bowl. One to John and Andy. 11-7 JJ/AK after 13.

11:59am–TW draws for one. AK right in front. JJ comes in with a slightly heavy pool shot that takes away TW point bowl and gives him a back bowl. CD just misses a chop-and-lie. One for JJ/AK. 10-7 JJ/AK after 12.

11:49am–AK draws the shot close. CD comes in with two, but both not close enough. One for JJ/AK. 9-7 JJ/AK after 11.

11:40am–TW draws for one. 8 bowls from the skips. No change. Umpire called to measure for 2nd. No change. 8-7 JJ/AK after 10.

11:30am–TW sitting 2, AK grabs jack into ditch. CD draws shot. JJ fires. Misses. CD draws 2nd shot. JJ draws shot at edge of ditch. CD fires for JJ's bowl. Misses. JJ final draw up short. One for JJ/AK. 8-6 JJ/AK after 9. Half way there. 

11:22am–AK draws for two. CD chop in lie to take shot. Draws 2nd point on last bowl. 7-6 JJ/AK after 8.

11:14am–CD/TW lying one. John comes in a little chop-and-lie for two. Misses drawing for a third. 7-4 JJ/AK after 7.

11:06–Todd drew for one, Chris for another. 5-4 JJ/AK after 6.

10:58am–CD/TW lying three. JJ came in and cut it down to one on his last bowl. 5-2 after 5. JJ/AK.

10:51am–Chris and Todd on the board. John and Andy lead 5-1 after 4.

10:41am–Chris, down one, came in with the last bowl and moved the jack … just a little too far. Point to JJ/AK. 5-0 after 3. 

10:31am–4-0 after 2 ends. John Johnson came in on his final bowl to knock Todd's just out of the count. Went from up 1 to up 3.

10:22am–JJ/AK lead 1-0. See-saw first end. A measure for one until Chris took the jack back for two. John countered with the next bowl, wicking in for shot. 

10:03am–John and Andy won the coin toss and have elected to take the mat..

9:45am–Green is running just over 13 seconds under partly sunny skies as the participants take their warmups.