11:41am–Todd up one. Maybe two. Richard draws shot on jack. Todd heavy. Chop and lie for 3. Richard's final draw. No. Heavier shot. Richard carries jack back to the ditch for the match. Final score 21-10 in 19 ends.

11:35–Richard sitting one. Todd carries the jack. Richard short. Todd bumps Richard's up. Close. One for Todd. 19-10 Richard after 18.

11:29am–Todd draws shot. Richard wicks in and touches jack for shot. Todd pushes Richard's bowl up for second. Richard lying two. Richard draws third. Todd short. Richard draws close a measure for four. 4 four Richard. 19-9 after 17.

11:24am–Richard draws short. Todd draws shot just behind jack. Richard touches jack, draws shot. Richard draws second. Todd drives takes jack to the ditch for two. Shot bowl is 10 feet away. Richard draws short of Todd's shot bowls. Todd draws another shot. Three for Todd. 15-9 Richard after 16.

11:18am–Richard sitting shot. Todd carries jack back toward the ditch with his second. Richard draws the shot. Todd draws to the edge of the ditch. Richard for one. 15-6 after 15.

11:14am–Richard lying two. Todd touches jack but doesn't carry it. Misses heavy on fourth bowl. Richard for 3. 14-6 after 14.

11:10am–Richard for draws two. Richard draws third. Kisses jack. Todd draws behind jack. Richard draws third. No. That's two after a measure. 11-6 Richard after 12.

11:02am–Todd draws shot with his second bowl. Chop and lie for Richard for shot. Todd with two bowls behind the jack. Todd through the head. Misses carrying the jack. Richard for one. 9-6 Richard after 12.

10:47am–Todd with shot after 4 bowls delivered. Todd draws second shot. Richard removes one shot. Todd up short. Todd for one. 8-6 Richard after 11.

10:53am–Richard five feet back. Todd draws shot. Richard counters. Todd counters on Richard's bowl. Richard counters up front. Todd knocks Richard's bowl to the jack. Richard sitting one. Richard lays in block four feet from the head. Todd misses right. One for Richard. 8-5 Richard after 10.

10:48–Toucher for Todd. Richard draws close. It's a measure for shot. Richard draws in. Too close to call. Measure for two. No. One for Richard. 7-5 after 9.

10:42am–Light drizzle falling. Richard short 4 feet with first. Todd draws shot  18 inches behind. Richard long. Todd follows to cover. Richard touches jack. Measure for point. One for Todd. 6-5 Richard after 8.

10:38am–Richard sets long jack. Most have been long to medium long. Richard with shot. Todd with three behind. Todd up short on final bowl. One for Richard. 6-4 Richard after 7.

10:33am–Todd with shot. Two feet. Richard with two bowls yard behind the jack. Todd draws second inches frrom the jack. Richard yard on carrys the jack back for one. Todd long on final bowl. 5-4 Richard after 6.

10:28am–Todd down two. Richard draws 3rd on his fourth bowl. Todd misses long. 4-4 after 5.

10:25am–Todd. First bowl just right of the jack. Richard behind a foot. Todd covers the back. Richard nicks bowl and jack. Richard up one. Todd draws the shot. Richard carrys the jack back for one. 4-1 after 4.

10:19am–Loose head. No bowls near the jack. Measuring. 1 for Todd. 4-0 Todd after 3.

10:15am–Todd lying, looks like 3. Richard Broad comes in, to bring it to 2for Todd. Todd draws third. Two bowls in front. Broad comes in heavy. Moves one bowl. Todd for 3. 3-0 after 2.

10:11–Richard Broad throws jack in the ditch. Todd sets medium jack. Richar draws shot. Todd knocks his 2nd up for shot. Richard misses with yard on. Measure for two. No. Todd 1-0 after one end.

10am–Richard Broad wins the coin toss. Elects to go first. 4 trail bowls each direction. Then we are on our way. Last year's champion, Doug Bradley, is marking.

9:30am–rink ready. cloudy skies and a few drops of rain. 60F.

Final between Richard Broad and Todd Wagers (Wagers must win twice).