Arizona Tournament begins!

from Chris Davis:


Day one report from AZ

This band of happy bowlers arrived in Arizona today and we're itching to soak in some sun and roll on some silky smooth greens! We are: Chris Davis, Andy Klubberud, Chase Richards, John E Hollingsworth,, Tom Lind, John Johnson, and Todd Wagers. We touched down in Phoenix around 1 pm, gathered our rental cars and drove to our palatial Airbnb in Litchfield Park, AZ. which is about 15 south of the Johnson Lawn Bowls Club in Sun City West where we will playing for the next week.

The temp was about 80 when we arrived and now at 9 pm is about 72... no complaints. We have a very big house with a big pool and jacuzzi and a spacious kitchen and huge sprawling couches and TV screens and a beautiful antique style pool table. Our first nightwWe munched on Pizzas and salad and beers and watched the curling from the Olympics in Korea.

We will have a chance to practice for a few hours tomorrow and get acclimated to the speedy greens and then we're fully into it by 8:30 on Saturday morning: we will begin with triples and will play 4 10 end games that first day which will determine which flight we will play in on Sunday.

Monday we will start over but with pairs for two days and finish up with singles on Wed and Thurs.

Certainly looking forward to it.


ps... also down from Seattle are Richard Broad and Alexis Vanden Bos... and Russ Leonard and Janice Bell are here as well. Eleven JP'ers in all.