Bell-Wright bronze winnersMens Rinks win silver

Let's celebrate the terrific performances of our club and division members at the 2011 U.S. Open which just wrapped up in Los Angeles on Thursday, September 22, 2011.

On the men's side, our very own Chris Davis brings home the silver medal as part of the second-place rinks team captained by Tony Baer, and rounded out by Roger Teske and Aaron Zangl (known anonymously to some as "AZ").  Chris and his pairs partner Ryan Neptune were runners up in the third flight as well.  Great showings by Chrisso!!! 

And on the ladies' side, Janice Bell — "Dr. C" for short — showed Consistency (and Cashed) in all three events!  In pairs, Janice skipped and her partner Brenda Wright lead all the way to third place overall, taking the bronze medal.  In fours, Janice's team came in fifth overall, winning the second flight, with Janice as vice, Mary Ann Beath as skip, Jo Mumma lead and Brenda Wright second.  And in singles, Janice worked her way into the final of the fourth flight, coming in second to fellow Team US member Marita Nierth (who she will be bowling with in Cyprus come October).

And let's not forget our sisters to the south — Debbie Tupper and Pam Edwards of Moreland Park in Portland — who further showed the field what NWesties can bring.  Pam made the championship flight in singles, won her quarterfinal match, and ultimately finished fourth overall.  Great run by Pammie!!!   And Deb came in second in the fifth flight.  Earlier in the week, the girls teamed up in pairs where they finished as runners up in the fifth flight as well.

All together, these are super results for our bowling homies, as well as for our club and the NW division.  Many congratulations to Chris, Janice, Pam and Debbie!!!

Check out all the results at the U.S. Open website

Photos are on the Lawn Bowls in the USA Facebook page.