Our Singles Play Downs are now complete and we have worthy Mens and Womens Champions.

In the Ladies Competition Alex Vanden Bos rapped it up with 3 wins while Nancy Nishikawa  was the alternate.  It was a hard fought series of games over Saturday and Sunday before Alex emerged as the winner.  This will be her first time to go to the US Championships.  We in the NW Division wish her all the best in Florida.

In the Mens Competition it was a Double Elimination and after everything was settled Andy Klubberud was the winner over Richard Broad.  The Competiition in this tournament was fierce and the standard of bowling by all competitors was very high.  I think Andy will do the NW proud,  after all he and John johnson are the current US Champion Pairs.

This year we enjoyed a great weekend weatherwise, not too hot but nice and sunny.

Thank you to all the markers, scorers, rink rollers and set up persons.