Final Standings:


1st   Andy Klubberud / John Johnson
2nd  Todd Wagers / Chris Davis


1st   eLiz Snyder / Amy Alesio
2nd  Nancy Nishikawa / Janice Bell

Women's Pairs standings

Men's Pairs standings


Who's Playing?

Men's USLBA NW Division Pairs Play Downs

1. Todd Wagers — Chris Davis
2. Richard Broad — Jeff Covell
3. Rodger Green — Doug Bradley
4. Willie Weir — Dravid Branch
5. Rand Coburn — Adrian Jarreau
6. John Johnson — Andy Klubberud
7. Tom Lind — Russ Leonard
8. Howard Syder — John Koch
9. Jimi Joe — Patrick Romero
10. Lew Storm — Fermin Cabico
11. Brian Nichols — Harold Mullen
12. Sean Bull — Michael Werth



Women's USLBA NW Division Pairs Play Downs

1. Janice Bell — Nancy Nishikawa
2. Kat Marriner — Becky Barnett
3. Debbie Tupper — Pam Edwards
4. Rikki Ricard — Betsy Whitaker
5. Nita Chambers — Alexis Vanden Bos

6. Amy Alesio — Eliz Snyder


The 2011 U.S. National Lawn Bowling Championships will be held at Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club, Seattle, Washington from August 23-28, 2011. To enter the play downs every bowler must meet the following USLBA requirements:

a) Bona fide members of an affiliated USLBA club within the division prior to the play downs and for 90 days prior to the Championships and are fully paid up in membership dues, green fees and other fees, if any.

b) Citizens of the United States and, if a member of more than one division, able to certify that their home club is the division where they have entered the play downs.

c) Willing and able to attend any U.S. Championship Playoffs in which they are entered, at the announced location and dates.

d) Able to certify that they have not entered the Pairs or Singles from any other Division in the same year.

Proof that any of the above requirements has not been fully met can be considered as due cause for disqualification at any lavel of play.

The winning teams will represent the NW Division of USLBA at the 2011 U.S. National Lawn Bowling Championships
Aug. 23-28, 2011
Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club
Seattle, WA