And the winners are…(insert drum roll here)

1st – Janice Bell & Russ Leonard (Jefferson Park LBC)

2nd – Debbie Tupper & Pam Edwards (Portlandia LBC)

3rd – Its Nishikawa & Nancy Nishikawa (Jefferson Park LBC)

This year's Short Jack Pairs Tournament was held at Jefferson Park on May 18th and 19th. The NW Division Spring Meeting was at Jefferson Park on Saturday, May 18th after tournament play for the day, around 4 pm. All members were invited to attend to see how the division operates.

Thank you to all participants who came out to bowl in the first Division Tounament of the year.  Pairs were of any combination, men, women or mixed. It was a fun tournament.

– Entry fee is $20 per person

– Prize money was awarded.

– Play began at 9:30 am on both days

– Bowling was 3 games on Saturday and probably 2 games on Sunday.




1. Janice Bell & Russ Leonard

2. Rikki Ricard & Adrian Jarreau

3. Debbie Tupper & Pam Edwards

4. Bill Gilroy & Michael Werth

5. Amy Alesio & Lisa Duffala

6. Howard Syder & Alexis Vanden Bos

7. John Hollingsworth & Larry Holman

8. Its Nishikawa & Nancy Nishikawa

9. Neil Gloier & Pam Odle

Send your entries to Howard Syder.

email: or telephone: 253-833-5361