Why Join?

Joining the club means joining a family. As such, we represent lawn bowling in the Pacific Northwest (which is uniquely different from the rest of the country). Membership allows you to play in our Leagues, and invites you to all of our social events. You become eligible to compete in regional and national tournaments. As you become a serious bowler and dedicated member, you also gain access to the greens. Most importantly, for just $115 a year, Membership helps preserve our historic club and excellent sport alive!


JPLBC has leagues throughout the year (even in winter!), and these are really the best way to enjoy the game and camaraderie of the club.  The most popular leagues are in the summer, including the Women's (Bowl Busters) and Men's (Men With Big Bowls) Leagues. These leagues are a great ways to get together with other members for lawn bowling and socializing.   


While many members enjoy playing a recreational game, others find that they enjoy the game on a competitive level. We provide all members with the opportunity to bowl at three levels of tournament play: Jefferson Park, Northwest Division and Bowls USA. For Jefferson Park and Northwest Divisions, our tournament directors can assist members in finding playing partners.


We have many fun social events throughout the year: Oktoberfest, 24 on the 4th (24 hours of constant bowling!), Shamrock Bowl, Members Mixers, are just a few of our lovely member-only socials

Bowls USA

JPLBC membership, includes membership to BowlsUSA. Bowls USA governs the sport of bowls in the U.S. and is a member of World Bowls, the organization that establishes worldwide Laws of the Sport.