Rental Agreement


Deposit of $200 is due at the time of reservation. Reservation dates cannot be held without this deposit.

Confirmation of your event dates will be mailed/e-mailed to you upon receipt of the Facility application pages 3 and 4 with deposit.

Cancellations received more than 30 days before the event will receive a refund of $200. Cancellations within 30 days of the event will forfeit the full deposit.

Full payment for the clubhouse rental and rink rental is due at the time of the event. Payment may be in check or cash only. Makes checks payable to JPLBC.

In case of rain, JPLBC retains the right to decide whether or not bowling can occur. If bowling is cancelled due to rain, no Rinks Fee will be charged. The Clubhouse Rental Fee will still be due.

• Renter shall be responsible for payment of any damages occurring to the room, greens or equipment used.

• Renter shall restore the facility to the condition in which it was found. See Cleaning & Security checklist for details.

• Renter shall have the option of restoring the facility to the condition in which it was found or contracting with a caterer to do the clean-up.

• If alcohol is to be served, Renter must provide proof of general liability insurance with limits of $1million or more. Renter must submit a letter stating that the Renter is responsible for guests, has provisions for designated drivers, and will not serve alcohol to minors. If JPLBC approves the Renter to serve alcohol on the premises, the Renter must purchase a 1-time Banquet Permit for a fee of $11 (

• You MUST post this permit prominently on the Club bulletin board at all times during your event.

• No kegs are allowed on the premises.

• No smoking, candles or open flames are allowed in the buildings.