Clubhouse Rental

  • Clubhouse rental fees have a 3 hour minimum.
  • April-September:$360/3-hours with each additional hour: $120/hr*
    *Rental time includes host set-up and take-down.
  • October-March:$300/3-hours with each additional hour:$100/hr.
  • A deposit of $200 is due with the rental application.

Rink Rental

If a rental group is interested in lawn bowling, rink space may be rented in addition to the clubhouse rental. When rinks are rented, instructors will teach the game and renters may use the club bowls and equipment. Rinks are appropriate for up to 6 players at one time.

Rink Fees: $45 for each Rink reserved by the renters.

  • Rinks must be reserved at least 7 days in advance of an event.
  • Soft, flat-soled shoes are required to protect the greens.
  • This game is not appropriate for children under 12 or those over 112.

For clubhouse rental availability look at our calendar.

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For further rental information email us.

For complete rental information including Policy & Regulations, Application Form and Cleaning & Security Deposit download the Rental Packet (PDF).