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Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club had a fantastic time hosting the 2011 US National Lawn Bowling Championship Tournament. It gave us a chance to show off the club, its personality, its members and the sport of bowls to competitors, guests and spectators alike. Thank you to all who helped make it happen!

Here's what others have to say…

"Want to Congratulate you and all the NW Committees for a fantastic job in the US Championships. I have been to quite a few Championships and believe me when I say the NW is second to none.

Well done!"

Frank Souza
South Central Division, USLBA

"Great job organizing the National Championship, people are still talking about it!  I had a great time in Seattle, would definitely try to make it back." 

Michele Arculli
Northeast Division, USLBA

"Many, many thanks to all of you for a magnificent National Championships. You even had the weather genie on your side! I was honored to represent the Southwest Stars and as a result got to participate in your event. Your greens were a dream to bowl on, the hospitality superb, the club members hospitable and welcoming. What a delight to spend a week bowling, to make more friends."

Thank you again,
Heather Stewart
Southwest Division, USLBA

"I thank you as well as congratulate you & your fellow workers, for an outstanding tournament – from the manicured greens, to the warm hospitality, delicious meals, & the warmth that I felt from all your members during the entire time. We left for a long vacation straight after & returned home 4 days ago. A small incident comes to mind, I am superstitious about green!!!! & when Nancy heard this, & saw I had no score card holder (the one I received was green) she immediately dropped what she was doing & saw that I got a pink one!!! How kind & considerate is that. I know its a small item, but it left a huge impression on me."

With thanks,
Maryna Hyland
Southwest Division, USLBA

"JPLBC Members,

In your honor a tree is being planted in a National Forest (through the Arbor Day Foundation). Many thanks for an outstanding 2011 U.S. Championships."

Kim Heiser
Southwest Division, USLBA
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"You must be busting your buttons in pride over the sensational job that Howard, Janice, Nita and the club members did hosting the U.S. National Championships. We were made to feel welcome long before the first wail of the bagpipes and this friendliness extended way past the last bowl delivered. Members that I came into contact with went out of their way to be helpful and friendly.

I will always remember this tournament as a special time in my life, in no small thanks to your club's hospitality. I have never felt less a stranger in a strange city.
Please pass my thanks and congratulations on to the many volunteers who helped make the tournament such a success. My stay was delightful. Thanks again for a wonderful week in Seattle."
Best regards,

Michael Maneilly
Southeast Division, USLBA

"Wow! Thank you again for everything during the Nationals! It was such an enjoyable experience, I will definitely have to find a way back out to see ya'll.

I hope things are finally quieting down and you are getting plenty of opportunities to bowl before the weather turns.

The more time that goes by the more amazed I am at the job you and Janice did hosting the tournament! All of you out in Seattle are my new idols in how to host a tournament….By the way, I'm still rationing out the (Sahale) cashews and the bag has made two trips already. Most definitely worth it!"

Thanks again!

Charlene Harmon
Central Division, USLBA

"Just a short note to thank you and your club members for a fabulous time at the US Nationals. Words cannot describe the hospitality, food, beverages and most of all your great greens. It was a very special time for me."

Bobbi Elwell
Southeast Division, USLBA

"Great job putting on the US Championships! Thank you for all your work and dedication to the sport. Hope you can come and visit Milwaukee some day."

Take Care,
Glorianne Mather
Central Division, USLBA

"Many thanks for the excellent job you did in organizing the Championship Tournament. We can't say enough about the greens and hospitality of the Jefferson Park LBC."

Len and Lorraine Hitchcock
South Central Division, USLBA

"Hope you've had some time to relax and take a breath or two since the Championships. Janice and Nita and all the good folks in Seattle did a MAHHHHHVELOUS job. You really showed everyone how the Champs could be run well and even be fun! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into making it such a success."

Steve Nelson
Central Division, USLBA

"Thank you, Janice, Nita, and all the Jefferson Park LBC members for a terrific tournament. You made us – bowlers and guests – feel very special. We very much appreciate all the hard work everyone did."

Sven Berg
Northeast Division, USLBA

"Congratulations!!!… to Everyone who Bowled, Mowed, Marked, Chalked the Rinks, Rolled the Greens, BBQ'd, Washed the Dishes, Raked the Ditches, Took out the Trash, Flipped, Kept the Score, Sold the Pins, Updated the Web, Made the Sandwiches, Brewed the Beer, Bought the Ice, Carried a Flag, Posted those Photos, Umpired those Players, BBQ'd again, and…oh yeah, Walked Away with the Gold!

It was like watching back-to-back Grand Slams!"
Best Club in the NW,
Tom Lind
President, Jefferson Park LBC
Northwest Division, USLBA

"As this was my first trip to the U.S. Championships, I did not know what to expect. The JPLBC outdid themselves hosting this prestigious event from the fantastic greens to opening ceremonies to the awards banquet. Your volunteers were simply amazing, working long hours while smiling cheerfully. One veteran bowler who has bowled in 22 National Championships told me this was the best organized event he has ever attended. I know I will never bowl on finer greens, or have as good a time as I did while playing at your wonderful club."

Bud Ricucci
Mount Dora LBC
Southeast Division, USLBA

"Thanks again for all the great greens, great food, and hospitality; The best US Championship I have every attended, this makes #13. Your club has inspired me, bowling in the US is alive and well, and I feel energized after watching your people at work. If you can do it, why not me."
Eileen Luba
Northeast Division, USLBA


Beautiful week of weather and fantastic organization, execution, and hospitality by the Jefferson Park Club of last weeks US Championships. Your greens are in an awesome location and were in great shape. Looking forward to a return visit to Seattle in the future. THANK YOU for all your hard work."

Grant Summers
South Central Division, USLBA

"Kudos to the Jefferson Park LBC and the Northwest Division for hosting an outstanding tournament."

Central Division, USLBA
"Hi All,
The participants of the Pacific Inter-Mountain Division (PIMD) wish to personally express their thanks to the Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club for hosting the US Championships this year. It was the best; the beautiful carpet-like greens, the wonderful spread everyday, the BBQ, and how about the cocktails – to die for! Every little detail was taken care of without a hitch – hats off to all the hard working helpers, what a team!!
We believe JPLBC's hospitality made for great camaderie among all the bowlers and guests. Everyone will long remember the week long fun and games, the ordered perfect weather and the beauty that's Seattle. We thoroughly enjoyed it, and hope to see you on some of the Bay Area greens soon."
The 6 Light Blues
Regina Banares, Larry Collaco, Pauline de Assis, John Luster, John Ogden, Sandy Souza
Pacific Inter-Mountain Division, USLBA
"Wish you have this more often."
Regina and Andre Banares
Pacific Inter-Mountain Division, USLBA
"Thanks for rolling out the red carpet! We had a great time and hope to see you again soon."
John Ogden
San Jose LBC
Pacific Inter-Mountain Division
"Good Bowls!!"
Pauline de Assis
Pacific Inter-Mountain Division
"I won't forget this wonderful experience here this week. You all have been so gracious as our host. Memories are what we cherish."
Thank you,
Larry Collaco
Sunny Vale LBC
Pacific Inter-Mountain Division
"Thank you so much for all your hard work and making this tournament so special. You were all wonderful hosts and I personally thought everything was wonderful and thank you so much."
Diane Denton
South Central Division, USLBA
"I know that you (and your club) know what a great job Seattle did for the championships and the players . . . Please know that the experience was just as grand for us non-member spectators. Thank you!"

Myrna Chan
Southwest Division, USLBA
"Sunday morning I went to the 2011 National Lawn Bowling Tournament and it was a fantastic experience! It was louder than I thought – not to say that it was loud, just louder than I thought. I was lucky enough to have Laura sit down next to me. Laura is a member of the local club and started lawn bowling about a year ago; she was able to supplement my google-search knowledge with real, live person information including details about the local club and what it took to host the Nationals. I’m looking forward to next Spring when they resume Free Fridays for folks to come give lawn bowling a try. I’m really looking forward to the Ice Cream Social on Independence Day."
"Greetings all,
I am a lawn bowler with the Palo Alto Lawn Bowls Club in California. I want to tell you how much I am enjoying your website and how you are keeping all of us lawn bowlers out here informed on a timely basis of the daily results. You have provided all of the information we want to know…who played whom, what the scores were, and what the next contests will be. Congratulations to you and your club for running what appears to be a well planned event. Thank you!"
Ann Walker
Pacific Inter-Mountain Division, USLBA

"I just wanted to commend the people of the NW Division for the work that they have done on the Championships this year. The website that has been set up for this event has been great to follow all the players results and in a clear, cohesive way. I also understand from some of the competitors that the greens are really in great shape and bowling well. Your greenskeeper deserves a hearty thanks for doing such a great job of getting the greens ready for this event.
I really wanted to come up to be there, but situations here precluded me from doing this. I have spent many times in the past in the Seattle area at the Open and also had the honor of being the piper when the women held their Championship there and know that those that get a chance to see the area will really have a great time and see alot. I hope that some of them take the time afterwards to do some sightseeing, it is a wonderful part of the country and when I first came out there it was the area of the west coast that I most enjoyed. This could possibly have also been due to the people that live there as the psople are also a great bunch!!!!!!!!!!
Look forward to seeing you at the Open in September."
Isabella Forbes
Southwest Division, USLBA
"Nice website. Kudos to the updater of the website."
John Stewart
South Central Division, USLBA
"Thanks for keeping the website updated with Championships results. I-Phones and Blackberries have been busy at work on the greens in Southern CA."
Dee McSparran
Newport Harbor LBC
Southwest Division, USLBA

"I thought that the comment at the banquet that "this is one of the 3 best championships" should have stated "this is the BEST championship"!  You guys did a fantastic job."
Lucy Hart
Northwest Division, USLBA
"Please inform everyone in Seattle that they did an outstanding job on the website. I was able to keep up with the games in a timely matter.Great Job!!"
Dana Lum
Northeast Division, USLBA
"Thank you so much for all of your hard work. The feedback I received from everyone was overwhelmingly positive. A great time was had by all.

I wanted to thank you for letting me be a small part of such a wonderful event. It was great opportunity to meet the best lawn bowlers in country. Watching such an elite caliber of lawn bowlers was very inspiring to me. I hope someday to be able to compete on such a high level. I guess I will have to practice practice practice!!!

Thank you again."

Lisa Duffala
Jefferson Park LBC
Northwest Division, USLBA

"A very big THANK YOU to all of you who volunteered to be markers at the National Championships. You all did an outstanding job; I didn't hear one complaint from the players. Well done! Thanks again."
Doug Bradley
Jefferson Park LBC
Northwest Division, USLBA

"On behalf of the Northwest Division I would like to thank all the members of Jefferson Park for the outstanding job they did in hosting the 2011 US Championships. Everyone involved did a most professional and dedicated job in providing the best experience possible for the Division Champion bowlers and all the visitors. All the comments I have received say that this was the best in living memory.

I know it could not have been done without the dedication and drive of Janice Bell and Nita Chambers but it took more than that and the energetic and professional team that did all the grunt work during the week of the tournament has to be congratulated.

It would have been impossible without all the Jefferson Park members pitching in to do all the different jobs that needed to be done every day of the tournament, the kitchen crew, the markers, the set up crew, the score flippers, the photographers, the SWAG sellers and the greens crew who provided the best greens in the USA. The names are really too numerous to mention all of them but Kat, Doug and Willie performed above and beyond the call of duty and organized their teams most efficiently. To anyone who has been omitted, I apologize but this has to be a very proud moment for all the Jefferson Park members to know that they participated in a very competitive and entertaining National Championships in beautiful Pacific Northwest weather and set a new standard for future Championships. Congratulations on a job well done."
Howard Syder
Tournament Director
President of Northwest Division, USLBA 
"Under clear skies the opening ceremonies kicked off the 2011 US Lawn Bowls Championship at Jefferson Park LBC in Seattle WA. The parade of division champions and a stirring rendition of the National Anthem by members of “Men with Big Bowls” were highlights of the ceremonies that were followed by a BBQ with oysters on the half shell. Totally Seattle!"
Central Division, USLBA

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