The first league of 2014 starts Saturday, March 1st. Information and sign ups are moving to Facebook. Click here to join the league. Or contact league organizer, Larwrence Holman

Saturday Afternoons
March 1 – April 19, 2014
Game draw at 1 PM
Members only: $15 for the league $5 drop-in

Get a jump start on the season and join us for "Spring Rolls" league. This is an open draw game on Saturday afternoon for bowlers who are itching to get on the greens with other players.
This year in order to mix things up a bit we will play Australian Pairs and give everyone a chance at lead/skip postitions. It is great exercise and a fine way to begin the season of play. Open draw means the game host will draw teams on the spot by the bowlers who attend and the pairs will be a random draw each week.

'Australian Pairs' or '2-4-2' : This is a variation of a Pairs game with a change in the bowling order. Leads bowl 2 bowls, Skips bowl 4, then Leads complete their last 2. This means that you are changing position on every end — Leads become Skips on the next end and then Skips become Leads.