Tournament Results

1st: Nancy Nishikawa (3 wins, 0 losses)
2nd:  Richard Broad (2 wins, 1 loss)
3rd: Richard Krueger (2 wins, 1 loss)

Tournament Director's Notes:

We lucked out with the weather. It did not start to rain until were were on our way home. It was sunny/cloudy but quite cool. 

There were some interesting games. Nancy Nishikawa beat Richard Broad 12-1 then Richard beat Its Nishikawa 12-1. Neil Gloier beat Its 12-8 and Nancy had a real tussle with Pam Odle finally winning 12-8. Richard Krueger came from behind to beat Neil 12-10. Although Pam did not come out with a win, she deserved one. All her games scored 8-12 bringing her total points more than other players. All in all, we old timers had a fun tournament. Thanks to all those who participated and thank you to those who came out to mark.

1951 or Before Is Your Ticket In

Tournament information:

Date: June 12, 2013
Fee: $5 per player
Draw time: 9:30 AM
Start time: 10:00 AM
Attire: May be whites or colors

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before start time and don't forget to bring your lunch.

Registration deadline: Sunday, June 9

To Register

Must be at least 62 years of age to play in this tournament. Contact the Tournament Director, Howard Syder at
Markers needed. Contact Howard to volunteer as a marker.


  1. Its Nishikawa
  2. Nancy Nishikawa
  3. Richard Krueger
  4. Richard Broad
  5. Neil Gloier
  6. Pam Odle


  1. Howard Syder
  2. Jean Syder
  3. Doug Bradley