Team Northwest at the South Central Open

Reported by Chris Davis

Day 3 from the South Central Open/Phoenix

Cut to the chase: The weather sucks, we rock, it’s cocktail hour!!!

What do we have to report? Here we go:


FACTS – the men played triples. 34 teams. Jefferson Park’s team of Richard Krueger, Chris Davis, and Willie Weir played 7 games over two days and, I must say, we did ourselves proud and finished 3rd overall.

The women played fours (also called ‘rinks’) on another green, on the other side of town and, thought they didn’t finish in the money they easily won the award for most spirited, buoyant, and by golly, entertaining!!! (Just ask anyone). They were, in order of appearance: Pam Edwards , Becky Barnett, Kat Marriner, and Debbie Tupper. (Debbie and Pam from Portland


*Nobody brought enough towels…. Yes, you guessed it, it rained like nobody’s bidness…. Dream vacation? Not quite. But, THE BOWLING!!!

*Our boys set the sartorial standard for the day in matching pink polo shirts. .

*”The Wave” was (finally?) introduced to American Lawn bowling, thanks must go out to the aforementioned women’s team during the men’s final and triumphant game of the day.

*Each and every one of us (9) were royally feted in the evening, thanks to the stellar team of George and Dee Poor. Unforgettable eats and yucks. AND….we got to amble into the dark back yard and pull volleyball-sized grapefruits from George’s trees.

DAY THREE…. As we live and breathe.

FACTS:The weather sucked (did I already mention that?) The men started in on the pairs competitio (42 teams): that would be Chris D.and Willie W. on one team and Russ Leonard and Richard Krueger on the other. Results…. Chris and Willie won three of their four games and will play in one of the top two flights tomorrow. Richard and Russ won two of their four and will also vie for dough in a middle bracket. Eyes on the prize!!!

The women played singles; that would be Janice Bell, Kat Marriner, and Becky Barnett. Kat and Janice won two, Becky one. They all play more games tomorrow and they are weathered, wiley, and ready to roll!


The weather got worse! 1 ½ hour delay on the women’s greens. Umbrellas, ponchos, & garbage bags became standard attire.

Becky’s win was against … Kat Marriner. Their close, entertaining match was watched by many on the sideline. You cut the atmosphere with a knife!

Willie & Chris salvaged their first game only by a “Hail Mary” drive that burned the last end by one inch. After Willie threaded the needle and landed home Chris made a memorable racket hounding the creeping jack toward the out of bounds mark.

“There’s a lotta ways to the white!” (quote overheard as a skip advised his lead not to bother trying a block).

Janice, Kat, and Becky: all three played some big time, national team level players in singles and gave them all they could handle. .

Over and out from Phoenix. We get after it again tomorrow. Wish us luck. Wish you were here!