Tom Lind and Alexis Vanden Bos claim the 2011 Veteran-Novice Tourney title!


1st Tom Lind/Alexis Vanden Bos

2nd Richard Broad/John Hollingsworth

3rd Jeff Covell/Paul Artman

Scores, pics, and thrilling recap after the jump.



This year's Novice-Veteran Tournament drew 10 teams of Jefferson's newer- and older-timers for a beautiful day of bowling.  The sun was out and the temperature hit the mid-80s with a nice afternoon breeze to cool things off.  Purple was in with three teams rocking it as the Lilac Stripes (Kristine Givan and Russ Leonard), the Purple Princesses (Gina Tolentino and Rikki Ricard) and the Licorice All Sorts (Bob Douglas and Janice Bell, it's a Scottish thing). 

The teams were drawn to play four six-end games, sorting out a top four who would then play off to determine the champions.  At the end of regulation, President Tom Lind and third-year bowler Alexis Vanden Bos remained undefeated, and three teams were tied with three wins and one loss — Richard Broad and John Hollingsworth (a new member who joined the morning of), Jeff Covell and Paul Artman (Team Polar, we think for Jeff's legs, or maybe because they look like bears?) and the aforementioned All Sorts.  Based on plus and total points, the teams played off in that order as the rest of the pack kicked back in the shade to watch the finals — the Last End Lounge truly lives on!

In the Championship Match — between Team Prezzie aka TomAlex, and Richard and John — the Last End Loungers were treated to a really good show (and put on a good one of their own, raucously jockeying every bowl).  The Prezzie got off to a quick start, and after three, held a commanding 9-0 lead.  Playing favorites (at least for the moment), the LEL chorus swelled with chants of "Four More Years" for our retiring leader.  Sagging a bit and needing his own brand of encouragement, the Broadsider also turned to the Last End Lounge for aid and comfort.  There — and not unlike Popeye calling for a can of spinach — Broad ordered up and found the strength he needed to come back.  Pouring it on (and in), Richard and John grabbed back points in bunches, pulling within one after five.  It was 9-8 coming home, and the Loungers were beside themselves!  As the sixth unfolded, leads Alex and John put on a veritable clinic.  To the rising "oooohs" and falling "aaaahs" of the Last Enders, the novices traded shots to leave their skips proud, Alex holding one, and the jack edged behind a sea of bowls.  Despite the tight quarters, Broad snuck his way in at the last to hold one.  Lind could do nothing about it.  Game tied!  The Loungers flipped, and the Extra End was on!  (Which meant the Last End Lounge was still open!)  Sensing their power, the LEL'ers shouted for the bowls be swept back to the far side to allow them their rightful view of things (feet up and beverages refilled).  The competitors obliged and in the end, Alex and Tom held their lead despite John and Richard's best efforts.  It was a great game!

So Team Prezzie TomAlex are the winners of the 2011 Novice-Veteran Tournament, with Broad/Hollingsworth putting in a great performance to come second.  And over on the third/fourth place rink, the Polar Bears and the All Sorts had their own competitive match on display.  Initially tight, in the final end the Polars were up three. The All Sorts scored two, with the Polars capturing third prize 6-5.

Thanks and congratulations to all the winners and bowlers.  It was a beautiful day of loving competition which everyone will remember.  Let's hear it for our novices and for veterans.  And may the Last End Lounge always be open. 

Final scores after regulation:

1 Tom Lind/Alexis Vanden Bos 8 1 27
2 R. Broad/John Hollingsworth 6 6 41
3 Janice Bell/Bob Douglas 6 2 32
4 Jeff Covell/Paul Artman 6 2 27
5 Russ Leonard/Kristine Givan 4 2 29
6 Nita Chambers/Terri Turner 4 1 25
7 Adrian Jarreau/Pam Odle 2 0 18
8 N Nishikawa/Goose Goldsberry 2 0 15
9 Howard Syder/Neil Gloier 2 0 14
10 Rikki Ricard/Gina Tolentino 0 0 14