Seven chefs sharpened their knives and competed in the first annual Top Chef: Bowl Busters competition. A stunning range of creativity and interpretation resulted. Bowl Busters could pick their favorites among the dishes, resulting in two Fan Favorites: Terri Turner with "When Hell Freezes Over There Will be Bowling" and Nita Chambers with "Peachy Keen on the Greens".

Each dish was viewed, tasted and judged by guest judges Gwyn, Michele and Susan. Like any good game, the competition was tight and the winning dish came down to a measure between Nita Chambers and Llysa Holland. Ultimately, Llysa Holland prevailed and was harolded Top Chef: Bowl Buster for her dish "Land, Sea and Sigh".

Land, Sea and Sigh

Barbecued local oysters from the Puget Sound with cilantro lime ginger vinaigrette, or a breath of aged scotch.

To invoke where we are,
looking at the sound, on the green green grass,
being inspired by other rocking women.

[Photo coming soon]

Here's a visual sampling of each dish

Attack of the Lawn Bowls by Rikki Ricard

Hand-baked crackers by Phyllis Counts

Peachy Keen on the Green by Nita Chambers

Green Freeze by Amy Alesio

Pizza with Chipotle Black Beans by Betsy Whitaker

When Hell Freezes Over there will be Bowling by
Terri Turner